Saturday, March 31, 2007


Crooning on my STEREO:
Splendido Splendente by RETTORE

Five things to BLOW UP on:-

1) I've got YELLOW TEETH .
Yes, it is due to the excessive tea drinking.

2) I do not have ample strength to clear my SMS(es) within a week.
There is not enough of memory space on my cranky phone.

3) My skin is morphing into a mouldy chocolate shade.
There's not enough of sun in this country.

4) Arsenal and Liverpool.
I'd rather have Crouch kick my ass than Christina.

5) F1 - Who on earth is Hamilton?!??!
Y'see, I had a lovelorn history with Mclaren. Until Hakkinen eloped. And Kimi stabbed us in the back.

I need RED BULL.


Mirebella said...

Leng Loi... a hattrick from Crouch? That mz hurt .. how can???

March blues? Hmmm...

car@ said...


No enough sun? come to spain!
No memory sms's? hmmmmm ;-P
Yellow teeth? i don't think so! that can be easely cleaned. In my case is worse, i have two shades of yellow due to medicine when i wa sa kid.

Who the hell is Himilton? wait and we'll see! Kimmy should bring espectáculo now that Schummy is gone. I did not like much F1 race, but well, it just started and we have loads to see. ;-P

Babes, i added you on my skype. I just have to fin a day to call you that suits your time. By the way, i changed url. This one is a new blog!
I miss you! i am terrible, i am so out of touch lately, work is gettin super busy! AGAIN!!!!!

Un besito muy fuerte cariño mio!!

car@kitty said...

okay here it goes my new url

lilyliverbird said...

I'm the size of a fridge, i have a huge pimple on my right cheek and my hair looks like those farmers in cameron highlands' children.

I need magnum almond.

sic6sense said...

hamilton quite the hottie. go stalk him!

Anonymous said...

the sun and that famous ray an emblem of a sort of mask -to the one-eye-open a tricky-less of trite... for that alternative to redact, to which a dead blame but... the aptness not. just for wry to that, by peasant and its crouching for, and hence to that scorching sun?
well, to feed one's -must feed the plenty -who eventually not that hungry. -for that something bigger lies a solarium.

Friend Stealer said...

hey sis... i think red bull and pms is a dangerous combination lol :p

Simple American said...

Better from tea than cigarettes.

I had the same problem with emails. All of the emails went away when hard drive crashed. Now I'm up to date. Not that I'm giving you any ideas. But if your phone dies you can get a new one. :P

What's wrong with mouldy chocolate? Who doesn't like chocolate? Help me mui.

4 and 5 are beyond my ken. Can I just hug you and say take care of yourself? Can I? ;)

Rt Hon Sir Cipan Nougat-Tenuk said...

*sigh ... crouchie? ... three? ... where's the baygon?