Sunday, March 18, 2007


Crooning on my STEREO: La Vita Non E' Un Film by ARTICOLO 31

A friend defined success by the following conditions:-

1) Achieve a 5 figure monthly salary by the time you are 25. (Not neccessarily in RM)
2) Work in a multinational company abroad.
3) Date/ Marry a trophy caucasian.
4) Own a vehicle in the league of a mini cooper.
5) Disowning your mothertongue in favour of the West.
6) Travelling to glamorous locations every month.
7) Having a legion of rich, decorative but dumb friends.

As you can tell, I have many dumb friends who try to impart their wisdom onto me. Que pena.

On the contrary I define success as the following:-

1) Being humble with a badass job that will toughen you for the future.
2) Coming home to a family who loves you in many strange ways.
3) Gathering the courage to leave an idyllic life behind in order to give your home country a second chance.
4) Being best buds with the postman.
5) Being able to speak Malay.
6) Not giving a damn about what other people do.

Last but not the least

7) Being IN LOVE.

Typically cheese, eh? I can assure you that you can love ANYTHING.

Bob Sinclar's LOVE GENERATION is a gem; a Perugian memorabilia which inspired me to hold my beer bottle up and propagate my love to everyone within sight. (of course, the word 'sleaze' should never apply).

But then again, you should never strive to love EVERYONE. There are multitudes of bastards and bitches out there whom you'd love to chuck them all into a ditch.

Problem is that there is no ditch big enough to accomodate their big asses.

Thus you could channel your lack of lovin' onto loving your Vincci pumps. Or your Doritos. Or your cocktails. Or your dog. Or your I- Pod. Or your brother. Or your secret longing to settle down in the Ukraine.


Unless you've just met with a deathly atrocity, don't you dare come wailing to me that you live an ardous life without love. The fact that you are whingeing nonsensically obviously shows that you carry more love onto yourself than the objects/people around you.

This, I call, SELF LOVE.

Believe it or not, love is infinite. I love my drinks. I love my CDs. I love the dysfunctional people around me. I love Fellini. I love my room. I love Saturdays. I love my tacky blonde highlights. I love foie gras. I love my Giovanni.

Despite all that PMS, I am actually a very successful 23 year old.

Sekian, terima kasih.


Mirebella said...

Success, like love is all in the eyes of the beholder.

I have, like yourself learned to be comfortable and therefore accept things I can do, and the ones I cant.

Its the lil things that make me happy these days.

Good on ya luvvy.

mal said...

yup, success is pretty much in the eyes of the beholder. i dont think any one particular ruler could be applied to everyone. by the way. you rock!

Friend Stealer said...

My most favorite blog entry of yours so far! You do indeed rock :)

sic6sense said...

"7) Having a legion of rich, decorative but dumb friends."

can you introduce me to those rich dumb friends? i want to sell my old watches. haha

your tshirt even got love.

jenn said...

i hope 'dysfunctional people around you' refers more to syat than me.. and i love your room too! and your porno dvds! and of course, we all love our drinks and italia... :)

Simple American said...

Sounds like all is well with you. Like your attitude AhMui.

Hey how is Brighter Death? I'm missing her.

Yng Lyn said...

mirebella: thats right dear, its also about adaptivity. Life is never a doomed road...

mal: oh no no, there are no rules. but there are also shallow rules which are imposed by yuppies.

friend stealer: despite loving my blog you will always remain as a friend stealer...

and a stripper.

kidding, bro.

sic6sense: dude.. i've already kicked them out of my group. No love, lah.

jenn: No comment. hahahahaa
what porn DVDs?????

korkor: its badass society taking its toll on me. BD is good... :) she's always good :) hugs.

lilyliverbird said...

I love yew. and i think you've lost weight.

anttyk said...

Cheers Lyn. Well said, as usual.

car@ said...

you are lovely Lyn! that's all i can say!!!! ;-*

Anonymous said...

no such thing as self-love it sounds bleak, hence set-up world a contrary to oppose, the endless cd's spinning, whirling-out until music is drain within to echo in brain for the ear; sounds of silence... delirious, like the nonsensical eyewitness, to a death-like atrocity for no love in that will carry thyself to the opposite! blind-sided mirrors to defunct figurative searching... an empty entity w/ pocket full of garbage... someone helps me clean! –my love

danyanova said...

Trust Sicko to notice the word Love on your t-shirt.

Teramatlah gatal.

Nyah nyah :)

sicko -she say said...

I concede my laziness and the twist result, for I understand now what ridicule each perceptions and the whole concept itself... in there I also stand on the same ground; but my pity is for me, for that love I can comprehend, the difference is to face such consequence. -my respect,
(that photo captured a thousand's of lonely thoughts)