Saturday, December 11, 2004

Simon Cowell

Crooning on my STEREO: Vertigo by U2

You must have seen this man before. Or at least, for those of you who actually watch telly.
And I bet the most of you hate his guts.

I think he is the saviour of prime time television. Possibly the only tv persona who actually show signs of intelligence. He is blatantly honest; he tells you straight to your face if he thinks you're full of crap. I think that's good advice. Honest people are hard to come by these days.

Yet many people hate him. The weak minded hate him because he is, quite visibly, more sharp witted and instinctive than the norm. But many people despise honesty; they are afraid of getting hurt.

That is why many people do not progress because they deny the truth.

Today, I shoved my social calendar aside to stay in and watch the X-Factor finals. (I know.. I know!!!) Simon Cowell manages one of the finalists, Steve, who would be singing against Louis Walsh's 4 men group, G4. It was the battle of the managers, Simon versus Louis. The Tenor/Soprano group G4 are obviously more artistically distinctive than Steve, who is a natural crooner, so I expected the former to win. Plus, it was a case of 4 singers against 1.

But when Steve sang Frank Sinatra's 'Smile', I broke into tears. (usually I don't give a damn about song covers, but today it made a difference)
'Smile' have always been my spiritual anthem.

The song is not the case. Steve is the case. He started off in the auditions turned away by all the other judges but, surprisingly, nasty Simon. Despite the general preconception that Simon is an asshole, he had faith in the one man who was slagged off by the majority.

Today, Steve is in the finals. So 'nasty' Simon had a point.
And I voted (Yes, I DID!). I don't usually waste 25p on voting texts, but I felt that this man had to win. On the other hand, I was confidant that the rivals, G4, already had a recording contract on hand, so victory is not a neccessity. Because I have a soft spot for struggling artists, by voting, I am making a "talented but unfortunate" performer's dream come true.

Plus, for retribution's sake, I may need that sort of vote in the future.

Steve won. Simon won.
That bastard was right. He may slag off 90% of humanity, but he does have a worthy point. This is what I call constructive criticism. And this is coming from a smart bastard without a university degree.

He promotes a universal philosophy: simple but blatant honesty to wake the sleepyheads. I am sick of friends telling me that I look good in a coat which I actually dont.

If I have been sarcastic lately, I am totally aware of it.

That is because Simon Cowell is my role model.


Anonymous said...

la verdad.
I may not be the right guy to say these things, I may not even watch x factor; but I agree with you.
Accepting one's truth and receiving honest criticism is
la verdad is are very valuable gift, weapon, and principle we should cherish
SUN TZU, the art of war:
"if you know the enemy and know yourself, you will not be endandered in a hundred battles".

chau amorcito

vincent said...

simon cowell is da man!
only losers hate him...

Yng Lyn said...

Cariño, I agree with La Verdad... I read Sun Tzu Art of War when I was pretty young, but you're right. The truth :)

Vincent: Yeahh... COWELL rocks!!!! Losers are scared of him

KevinTeh.Net said...

Happy new year lyn! keep in touch!

Yng Lyn said...

hey Kevin! happy new year to you too!! :)

Simple American said...

Simon Cowell is hated simply because he speaks honestly. Damn I hate him. ;)

Anonymous said...

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