Sunday, April 27, 2008

ANTM & The AttacK Of The ExeS.

Crooning on my STEREO:
Flaunt It by TV Rock Feat. Seany B.

Facebook is a pretty dangerous platform; simply because within the click of button you are able to enable your past to seemingly embrace, or, enrapture you. Well, its pretty cool for some people. I thought it was quite exciting to allow some terrible men of my past to drool over how smoking hot I have become and slap themselves with regret.

But of course, there is also such a thing called backfire.

Damn that word. Some of the recent additions to my friends list are men I had been involved with after the turn of the millenium. Before this I was the eeky angel who never had a guy. (I can't disclose the number because itd just make you cry.) So you can imagine.

Well obviously it didn't work out with any of them in the past. I was always the optimistic one, happy-go-lucky, naive and ready to fall in LOVE. I had no idea the definition of a fuck buddy. A beautiful friend? What the hell was a casual date? I thought if you kissed someone when you were sober, he had to be in love with you.

Then I endured the ugly truth. There were men who came, conquered and left. And I was left crying and bleeding in the bathroom, clinging on to my mobile hoping that somebody would call to say he loved me.

Rather predictably, those knight-in-armour calls never came. There was the occasional SMS that said, "hey would you like to grab 'lunch'"? You'd be proud to know that I never replied to those.

Back to the present. What I can derive from a few photos is that now they all have steady girlfriends. (incredibly hot girls, dammit) I am already deriving morning sickness from happy couple photos in the sun, wall posts addressing each other as 'baby', 'honey,' 'cupcakes' and most the most sickening of all, 'I love you.'

I am bitter because I never had those. And I can't help but to be affected by them. In the bout of dissecting what went wrong, I would have blamed it primarily on my looks. If I was more beautiful, many things would have worked out. If I looked fit, they wouldnt have left because they would have been proud to be seen with me. And stayed.

It is a shallow conclusion, but that is also the easiest conception in compliance with a shallow world. I hate to feel sorry for myself but yet I am pretty much incapable of blaming others for their happiness.

Best thing is to move on. Or delete the dreadful bunch from Facebook. Today I am in love with an amazing man whom I would love to spend the rest of my life with. Unlike the terrible junk I wasted my tears on, my sayang is so perfect.

However, I cannot help but to feel that he is alright with losing me the very next day. Just like the rest, he will move on with a more beautiful girl. He will be ok. But as for me I will cry myself to death, if I am even slightly lucky.

I know, its all about feeling sorry. But then again you must experience the scary depths of rejection to empathise with this.

Ok, I will stop the depressing crap for now. For those who follow ANTM's latest cycle on YouTube, ohhh myyy goodnesss this is so so so hilarious:

Basically these American contestants were based in Rome, and had to shoot a Covergirl TV Commercial in ITALIAN. Why I find it so horribly amusing is pretty much self explanatory..


I almost fell off the chair


Piccola Ying said...

I Fell off the chair laughing. They remind me of the English dancers when they flirt with the Italian Officers on the ship.

And oh, I can empathize with the content of your post. Sometimes, I cannot believe how stupid I've been, believing the charm of these men, allowing myself to think this is the one, and then get screwed over a few days/weeks later.


Yng Lyn said...

hi Ying!! I can imagine how dreadful they sounded, hahaah!! Especially when they say stuff like "a-mo-rayyy"

men can be weird, and I am sorry you had to go through the same horrid things. no one deserves that trauma. However, I can tell from your photos that you're now a happy girl with a caring guy. what matters most is the present, and the past is just a stumbling block to achieve whats best for us. hugs

Seems that we have a lot in common :)

yen said...

I totally agree on the ANTM show post..!hahaha ... the sentence capisci cosa intendo? it's just like us saying capisco niente LOLZ

Yng Lyn said...

yenn: hahaaha capisci cosa intendo??? non lo so!!!! non capisco niente nel video!! LOL arghhhh mi manca Pg tantissimo .... :(