Saturday, May 10, 2008

Down Under

Crooning on my STEREO:
Satisfaction by BENNY BENASSI ft. THE BIZ

Oh man, the manic packing mode is switched on and tonight I am off to the great land of kangaroos and platypuses...


I haven't been there in the last 5 years. Are the clubs BETTER now??

well done, UGG.

I will be right back to do more of that navel gazing. And welcome back, Raja Petra!!!


Jolenesiah said...

enjoy ur trips :D
might be going to Australia at the end of the year

KY said...

why never bring meeeeeeee?

car@ said...

Everytime i hit your blog you're about to catch a plane señorita Lyn! i wish i could be your suitcase!!!! LOL!! i
am in Tenerife till the very end of the month working and ok, also having some tan and fun.

Pssstttt!!! I've watched last night again for the trillionth time "los amantes del circulo polar" and fall asleep crying...then i thought about you and i was smiling! When are you coming lady?!!! i miss you!!!
muacks muacks love!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun char sui Lyn!

Let me know if there's lots of food to eat over there ducky!


Mirebella said...

Are you still here? How long for? Whereabouts??

car@ said...

Love ur Uggs! they are nicer than mines!!!! :-P

Yng Lyn said...

jolenesiah: thanks dear! whereabouts in Australia will you be heading to?

ky: come lahhhhhhh!

cara: babe!!!!! your photos of Tenerife are so so nice!!! I was there before Malaga and omg its so beautiful!!!! y tu eres muy muy feliz!!!
Los amantes makes me cry, but its the best film everrrrr!!!! I am coming to visit soon Cara, if all goes to plan!! :) jejeje... i miss you and your family alott!! besossss!!!!

cara, you saw my uggs?? i realised that mine are the australian one, and not the American one! :S

ah john!!! i miss you Landan!!!!!!! my char sui is rotting!!!

mirebella: sorry I couldn't catch you dear! was there for over a week but now am back home for a bit. how's all with you? were you back in KL recently?