Friday, October 05, 2007

Somewhere Out There

Crooning on my STEREO:

Love is a very sad thing. Be it family. Or friends. Or relationships. Be it religion. The more you love, the more you are made vulnerable to pain. It is true. Will you deny this? Will you ever deny having loved someone and never felt the grief of losing him or her? Or are you one of those who refuses to love, in the fear of having your heart broken in return? Have you ever lost your dog to cancer?

For once, I understood why loving a man can be so painful. It sometimes makes me unafraid of death.

But what do you do when your love is unrequited? Or when you are fading gradually from your lover's life? And when he stops saying 'I Love You'? When you feel that you both no longer share the same dreams? When he fails to understand why you would ever cry for him? When he stops believing in hope?

You do wish that he would prove your friends wrong. You do wish that one day, he would look you in the eye and say, "I will do anything for you". You do wish that, you could lead a normal life together with him, and do things that couples would normally do. You do wish that you could wake beside him every day and never have to be an ocean's apart again.

You do wish that, nothing stood in the way for you both to be together.

And that, one day, he will believe the same.

If only he loves you. If only.


Anonymous said...

Love can be sweet and happy!!! Always support you...TVTB, Kwan

carakitty said... keep me worried with this post...hmmmmm yes love is bittersweet. jUST im YOU. :-*
love ya!!!!

Rocky said...

Looks like I too finally became one of your many stalkers (prefer to be call a fan I think). Thought I will cheer you up a little with 3 words: "Valentine Day's Roses." Luv, ^.^

Simple American said...

You know I can still say I love you to my missus after 20 years. But somedays it is harder than others. But for the worthwhile person it can be said no matter how much pain is crushing or supporting.

Wishing you will find true love. But love has to be returned or all you shall have is pain.

Hope your love is well met. :)

Yng Lyn said...

kwan: you know the story, thanks for being there when I was crying the whole night baci xxx

Cara: carina, soy mas o menos... pero gracias por tu mensaje. besitossssss!!! hasta muy pronto en Marbella con Bob Sinclar! :D

rocky: you've always been a sweet friend, and of course I still remember the roses. You were so kind :)

kor: I admire you for that. And your wife is a lucky lady... you know how saying I love you is so important to keeping one happy and hopeful? Living a hope is your story :)

Love doesn't have to be painful. And I hope he knows this. xx