Sunday, September 23, 2007

Alcohol. Part 2.

Crooning on my STEREO:
Tonight The Streets are Ours by RICHARD HAWLEY

We tend to take the piss out of Pete Doherty for his nasty doping antics, but little do we know that addiction is almost unrepressable. I've gone through that with Sebastien from Il Divo, hence I am familiar with the transition of obssession to addiction. If you are not careful, it can also turn you into a full time stalker...

In other words, it takes a mind of a bull to beat addiction.

No I ain't taking drugs. I am too poor for that. But I do take alcohol. But I guess they are both equally as bad anyway. The wonderful thing is that the latter is socially more condusive and accessible at large. I know for a fact that I bond better with people if I have a glass in hand. Even if I hate your guts, I could still choke up "oh my god you are a friendddd" for diplomacy's sake.

Thats why I strongly feel that theatre should encourage alcohol consumption before rehearsals and performances. Since actors are a crazy lot, they should feed on that notion to bring out the inevitable.

I think alcohol is good for relationships. It helps you to discount cons. Consequently you don't drive yourself insane because you are not sensitive nor conscious enough to make sense of human imperfections. There is less trouble when you are ignorant. Believe me.

Alcohol is also good for the office. It dilutes your stress by blinding you from the horrifying reality of your workload. If consumed in moderation, the workplace will be a happier place. It can certainly numb you from hyena-esque giggles from a juvenile colleague who has been baking muffins and puffins for your boss.

But of course, alcohol can also bring out the monster in you. If you are one of those who turn aggressive after 2 shots, you can take this opportunity to trash it out with an annoying client. Such aggression could get you deals faster than you digest. Or it can scare people away. Which is also probably a good thing.

Don't take me too literally though. Please be mindful of hangovers, broken heels, date rape, fountains of puke and other forms of induced ugliness that only you can imagine. Use your brains and becareful. Have some mercy on your poor liver.

My dear friends, I have been meaning to impart this wisdom since 4 years back. I was just never sober enough to write this.


Speaking of which, I second that marijuana should be made legal. Do it like they do in Amsterdam.


danyanova said...

Hear Hear.

I'm a bleeming retard without alcohol ;)

Simple American said...

I'll drink to this post.

How much do I have to drink before I get date raped. Eh, by a female. That would be my luck to get snagged by a fag. Ehm, actually it almost happened once back in '78, but I was NOT that drunk.

Kunstemæcker said...

pot is overrated. alcohol is underrated.

Mirebella said...

Marijuana isnt only legal in AMS but also in South Australia - your allowed to grow up to 3 plans (for private medicianal purposes) .. hows that for food for thought now Lyn??

Alcohol..ehhmmm.. good ... *spoken in tones as Homer* ;)

Kunstemæcker said...

@mirebella: and in belgium too. And switzerland. oh, and Jamaica of course.

sicko said...

i thot u were picking ur nose when first saw the pic. LOL.

Yng Lyn said...

danya: we're on the same boat! :D

kor: no no date rape!!

kracker: I so agree. It makes me wanna move to Belgium tommorrow.

Mirebella: South Australia?? OMG you lucky person1!!!

sicko: I am supposed to simulate that action but I missed the hole.