Sunday, October 14, 2007


Crooning on my STEREO: Shine by TAKE THAT

Rather strangely,

I am glad that I stayed on to make my 3rd trip to Cannes, only to discover that when someone closes the door on you,

another one opens.


jENN said...

Dear girl..u stay on cause u still have the belief...Faith & Hope

Glad your prayer ya???

miracle shall never cease especially whenn you least expect it...

hugss always......

Kunstemæcker said...

My door is always open for you.

I make myself feel sick when I say stuff like that but I mean it.

carakitty said...

yep that's true...and windows open up too! :-)

Kracker, with your coment just came up to me the sentence: ¿Cuánto tiempo hace que estás abierta? :-P roflol!!
Sorry Lyn babe for that remark.


Yng Lyn said...

jenn: thanks babe. At least its another way of ending those tears! hugs to you too

kracker: its seems likely that I will be in your neighbouring country this time next year. Very unexpected, eh?
thanks and our m'sian doors are always open for you too!

cara: que dulce!!!! hahah y yo entiendo todo!!!! LOL!!!!!! miss you babe... besitos cara!!!!!

Simple American said...

Open door here. Always ready to say howdy.