Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hong Kong- the home of HSBC

Crooning on my STEREO: Corcovado by EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL

I suck. at. UPDATING. My mind. is. DEAD.


Despertarme. Hell. I hung out at the hospital cafeteria. And had ALOT of hospital pasta. I got back from Hong Kong a few days back, skint and stripped of dignity. This may be my godzillionth visit, but i brought a camera along and took some random pics of a different world for your viewing pleasure.

This is theTIMES SQUARE that erupts in comparison to the Malaysian shithole of the same name. The coolest place to be seen waiting (& loitering) for an anonymous date who may or may not turn up.

Another shot of the BLINDING billboards. I worry about the electricity consumption.

I think this is WICKED. Chinese Lanterns on a boat!!!! This is so OLDSKOOL.

Repulse Bay (sorry, I had to laugh when I first heard the name..) Hong Kong has more kickass beaches than Malaysia. Look... they have GENUINE WHITE SAND!

Last but not least, a splendid view of the commercial center from the PEAK.

Jeez, I am beginning to sound like a deadpan tourist.

Time for bed. Oh, I love HSBC.


Caracola said...

lyn!!!!! love the profile pic!!!! and i see the highlights!!! i will check u lter i am at work now...waiting for my non official x mas dinner!!

yvy said...

aiyooo...kutuk msian until liddat. dun lar. :( malaysia got SUPERB rainforest u know? ;)

glad u enjoyed urself. hehehe....more pix of U lar!!

Simple American said...

Damn mui. You know on the 29th I will have made it to 19 years of nuptial bliss with my Hongky woman. But I still have not made the trip to smell how fragrant that harbor truly is.

One of these years.

Yng Lyn said...

caracolacolacolaaaa: thankss babee!! i love my highlights!! :) you inspired me to get them done hehe.. :)
ohhh good luck for the dinner.. and have a nice nice time! ;D

yvy: hey babeee.. aku tak kutuk lah.... aku cinta malaysia!! hahah
thankss dearieeeeee...

kor kor: awwwww here's congratulations in advance!!! You've got to make a trip to HK with your family... its a splendid place!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Ah Lyn,

Ho ho hum hum.


cyber-red said...

at LEAST u've been to HONG KONG lol!!

mistipurple said...

but, but, you must come to singapore with kracker!!! waaaaa.. lyn, waaaaaa...

yvy said...

wah!! khor...i didnt know ur wifey is honky!! :D wats ur fac hongky food?

ps. WHAT dishes are hongkies famous for??

Anonymous said...

I really wanna go to HK... Damn you, lucky lyn.
Sumore cannot find my Megadeth album fer me... I shall now torture you a bit.
"When you're happy, and you know it..."

socialpest said...

yeah why can't you come to singapore?? -wails- anyway, nice highlights! :)

Kunstemæcker said...

Yeah Lyn, why aren't you coming to Singapore anyway?

k.t.x said...

hi lyn, emmm, great short post on HK. will check u out later. i likey!

Jess said...

wow pretty pictures lyn!

Caracola said...

pretty pics of pretty Lyn!!! jaja u are so damn funny gar!!! ;-*

Yng Lyn said...

john: ho ho hum hum mmmmm

cyberred: nahhhhhhh :(

misti: i'd love to come dear... but that time of the year i am quite broke.... perhaps in January?? :) hugs!

Dann: I'd die to watch that Gatsby advert again..... LOL!!!

socialpest: i knnowwww I wanna come and talk football with you babe!! :) but cannot lah... no money :(

kracker: sighhhh :(

keatix: cheersssss.. and come back! LOL

jess: thanksss babeeeeee :)

caracolacolacola: thankss pretty babeeee!!! i miss you soo much!! :D

Abaniko said...

to me hk is the most vibrant place in asia. it's an extremely interesting place. enjoy!

lilyliverbird said...

There's a karaoke join in Damansara Uptown called Repulse Bay too.LOL..hmm...mebbe Hong Kong mari?

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