Wednesday, June 01, 2005

This Simple Life

Machu y Picchu
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Crooning on my STEREO: Feel Good Inc by GORRILAZ

I have freaky premonition that I may be turning my blog into a RANT BOARD.

This sucks because it can be (potentially) a symptom or the demise of my CAREFREE approach to life. If you read my EARLIER blogs, there were less traces of MANIC ANGER and PITIFUL COMPLAINTS. In fact, people actually enjoyed my positive bimbotic humour.

That's right, you LUCKY READERS. You are going to endure my RANTS today. (AGAIN!)*

My current position in life is such; I will graduate with a Masters in FILM STUDIES in SEPTEMBER. I will LEAVE ENGLAND for GOOD in SEPTEMBER.** I will leave EUROPE in OCTOBER.

No, it doesn't sound bad at all. Especially when you're one of those prodigal students with a predicted distinction in an Asian-unfriendly qualification, I have every reason to lick myself.

As a technically single 21 year old Indie Actress/ Tate Britain Waitress/ Published Poet/ Chubby Body Campaigner/ Drama School Dropout/ Casualty Model... onlookers will argue that my future is BRIGHT.

But my Future is rather Orange

Today I learnt that a fame-driven Malaysian Chinese friend of mine is recruited into a TOP Malaysian Casting Agency. She CAN'T ACT FOR SHIT.

Really. I SWEAR.

I saw her promotional material and she convinced me that I AM POSSESSED by JUDI DENCH.

The difference between me and her is that, she is a GLAMOUR MODEL. She's as tall as your ceiling, skeletal thin, squinty eyes and snowy pale. In terms of acting experience, she has NOTHING but an egg on her head.

You've guessed it... I am BITTER.

I am bitter because I have godzillions of film experiences under my belt but I am crippled by my physical inadequecies set by the industry standards.

Truth is, the entire industry is MESSED.

After October 2005, I will be SUBMERGING myself into that MESS. I will be working for GLOATING PIGS who will pay me peanuts. Malaysia is particularly worse because they lack both ARTISTRY and MODESTY.

In other words, I will be wrestling against a STUNTED ARROGANT INDUSTRY.

This sudden realization scared the living daylights out of me....
Who gives a damn if I'm an expert in Julio Medem, Fellini or Pasolini?

Oh well.. Oh well.....

*I was supposed to have a walk-on part on a feature film tommorrow but I was let down because the stupid director got my e-mail address wrong. DUMB OR WHAT???

**If you're wondering why I am leaving London in the first place that's because survival expenses in Britain will milk my expenditure. At least I don't have to pay rent at home... *wink wink*

***Looking at pictures of my dogs dilutes my hysterias. These animals mirror the simplicities of life which I've been missing out on..... BIG TIME.


eyeris said...

YOU, need a cup of.... COFFEE! :) :)

Kunstemæcker said...

The grass isn't greener on the other side.

Oh and, don't be bitter. You only put yourself down.

Kunstemæcker said...

Another thing: who cares if that egg-headed girl got a job and you didn't?

Here's a golden rule Lyn: never compare yourself with anyone else.

Kunstemæcker said...

Ok, I'm sorry I'm posting again but I thought you should know I met your mother online today. On Messenger. Say hi to her for me ok? :)

Kris said...

Hey, there is nothing wrong with being bitter, when you feel like it.
Welcome in the club! Society is a lying, disgusting piece of shit.
Let's go and destroy the world!

Yng Lyn said...

eyeris: I think so.... might be a good idea.. sigh!

Kunstemaecker: hey! I got yer e-mail, gonna reply it soon.. thanks :D I will take in your advice, its strange how i get derailed at times.. sigh!
p.s: haha no wonder my mum accused me of auctioning her off!!! LOL

Kris: precisely!! we should start a club.... let's fight the world!!!! MUAHAHAAHAHAH....
its always artists like us who suffer.. sigh :(

Anonymous said...

hola amorcito;
I actually like your rants,
those industry standards are full of crap, sarta de estupidos.
call your friends so we can start our own film studio, that way you could be in all the movies, no more stupid standards.
there is still some hope
just look at football, no one in the world thought liverpool could overcome a 3 to 0 disadvantage in the first half against Milan and they did, with penalties.

Viviane said...

For some cheer: I just saw the first rough cut of That Thing We Do! It's lovely!

stephanie said...

you know wat huns, i just posted my entry, then i came to read urs and realized that..hey it appears that mine is turning into a rant board too! LOL Are we already turning into bitter ol women..or issit just that time of the year where the weather is cranky and so are we? :p but hey...its better to rant than keep it bottled up. I got faith in u, and REMEMBER wat i said, do not ever compare urself to others, oui?

Kunstemæcker said...

Excuse me Stephanie, but I thought I said that a few comments ago. ;)

musicterrormonkey said...




Yng Lyn said...

cariño: yeah, miracles do happen ;)

viv: thanks, dear!! i really can't wait to see it :)

steph: You're right gal.. i gotta stay strong and not let all these injustice sway me... i am sure the industry's got a place an ugly like me!! lol

stephanie said...

kunstemaecker: im sorry, dun wanna be infringing copyrights here (and offending you), but when i said "earlier", i meant my previous comments on a previous blog entry - my statements are usually vague & sometimes meaningless :p

lyn: the industry has alot of places for losers and winners, but wat's more important is that if (i.e. faith) you feel urself to be part of the industry WHICH i know you def are! So go go go! Kick some cherry arse! :)

Kunstemæcker said...

I'm a bit of a dumbass. Never mind me.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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