Saturday, March 19, 2005


Prime Meridian
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Thanks to the phenomenal weather, I ditched my work today and made a suprise visit to Greenwich.

For those ignorant fools out there, Greenwich is the home of the Prime Meridian. I can't be arsed to explain in detail, so here's the gist; the Prime Meridian line separates the East and West longitude where time is calculated as 0GMT. There is a long brassy line on the compound of the Royal Observatory where tourists love to have each of their feets on each side of the line. (which humbly reflects on their subconscious desires to conquer the world: too bad the trend of colonial empire hath long gone.)

The Prime Meridian photography rave has spurned some peculiar and suggestive tourist habits:

Chinese and Japanese girls love to mimick the PEACE symbol accompanied by a Sailormoon grin. They are aiming to impart an adorable notion of World Peace.
---> Cute Innocent East meets Sexy Asianphillic West, y'see? Good for Westbound migration.

Men tend to stand with their legs apart on both sides of the Line. Instead of smiling, they put on a tough constipated look and fold their arms like a WWF warrior.
No wonder they say that the Viking spirits still live in all of us.
---> Tough Guy dreams to conquer both the East and the West.... materialistically, empirically and undoubtedly, sexually.

School trips consisting of more than 10 kids usually form a cheesy line standing on the Meridian.
--->This is an educational attempt to teach potential future leaders to be neutral in all affairs. ie: "Don't take sides and you will be the center of the world".
What bull.

Middle-aged women often squat on the line to have their photos taken.
--->A sign of fatigue and lack of fitness. After all, the journey to the Royal Observatory consists of several train rides, a 10mile walk as well as hiking a 80degree slope to reach the top of a hill.

Old pensioners tend to position themselves proudly on both sides of the line with their hands outstretched in a rather Napoleonic manner.
--->In all their years living on Earth, this action reflects an underlying quest of utopia. They want to bridge both sides of the world and bring world peace. No more racism, discrimination nor violence... only Britain can do it.

Boy, we've got a long way to go.


Pip said...

I hate to tell you this, but the Japanese tourist peace sign phenomenon isn't limited to the site of our beloved GMT.

They do that everywhere.

In Hawaii, they'll stand in the middle of a busy intersection, holding up traffic, until they get their shot.

Unless you run them over, that is. But the state frowns on that kind of behavior.

Yng Lyn said...

Pip: I totally agree with you, they even do it in front of Ground Zero as though its a 'cute' affair....

I wonder where they picked that up from??

Simple American said...

Well written. How come so few comments lah???

Must remember the Milk of Magnesia should I visit. Have no desire to look constipated. There is a loo I hope?

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