Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bring on the TIKUS

Crooning on my STEREO:
Overpowered by ROISIN MURPHY

Formalities First.


followed by those manic greetings on wealth, prosperity, climbing up the career ladder by licking your bosses' balls, etc. Why couldn't anyone have wished me ample luck on striking the lottery aka. El Gordo???

Chinese New Year is always about money and bracing idiots. Speaking of bling, I think KIMORA LEE is nuts but oh so hot. I am totally into her preachings on fabulosity. I have decided to be tacky and fabulous from now on.

I KNOW I have been keeping quiet and I KNOW that's becoming quite annoying. You may even notice that I have posted some vague directions and odd implications in all my previous entries the last couple of months. So much for beating around the bush. Rest assured that this is only a temporary phase and I will return to that lightweight blogger I used to be before I annoy myself any further.

There is a reason for this: I cannot tell you what fabulous stuffs I will do until there is a full degree of certainty. I am such a big-ass perfectionist hence I am not into half boiled statments of glory (which reminds me of a certain idiot). It's only for this little aspect that I am sorry I cannot be upfront with you for now. My Facebook incriminates alot so you might as well check it there.

Then there are a few people who shouldn't know either. Despite how much these 1 or 2 people claim to despise me, its pretty odd how they still read my blog on a very regular basis.

Jumping back to my ideals of fabulosity: I resigned from my decent job (finally!!) and I am going back to my sayang in 2 weeks.

OMG I can't wait. My dear rats, this is indeed LIFE IN THE FAB LANE!!


Foolish Beat said...

Gong Xi Gong Xi Fat Chai!....Wow, u must feeling high!!!!to be able to see your love again & to kinda fearlessly change course in your career path. U have the guts girl!

yeah...bring on the Rats.....!!!Rodent Year for u??? No way!.......

hey..nevertheless, fly high, love hard, be crappily happy!!!!!


P/s : In a damper mood.....I had a rodent beginning...first at my working place then just hours ago.i found out something..that he seems to have the heart for someone else..and why the heck he was leading me on all these freaking hurt!

In a ligher mode:.......i survive, and whatever it is....the truth kinda sets me free...

KY said...


write laa exact and precise implications next time, vague ones are boring!

Sabrina Adam said...

Hi Lyn! Happy Chinese New Year! Thumbs up for your bravery to resign from your job and get back to your sayang! Anyway, all the best girl!

vincent said...

Eh, you Rat also?

cyber-red said...

gong xi ah!! and all the best babe Muah!!

Yng Lyn said...

foolish beat: hi dear.. a happy happy new year to you too!!! i know, it took some courage but its alright. a little freaky on the financial side.. :(

no no, I am a boar but last year was pretty dreadful haha!! what happened my dear? its his loss!!! dont get hurt cos you deserve the best! hold on, let me get hold of you on msn...

ky: gond xi gong xi.. when you free for cofee?? sorry gotta be vague lah.... cannot expose too much.. lol

sabrina: thanks babe!!! happy new year to you too!!! hugssss

vincent: no no.. I am a boar but I'd like to think that I am a rat. hahahah...

cyber red: thanks babe!!! you too!! hugs hugs!!!