Saturday, February 16, 2008


Crooning on my STEREO:
Les Matins de Paris by TEKI LATEX

"Freedom" is/ (or was?) a brand for sanitary napkins. It was a lame connotation I pissed about during my Sayfolian high school days, at the time when Robbie Williams had just gone solo and made a hit out of George Michael's expired record. I vaguely recall the music video as this; Robbie was skipping about in a stream clad in denims while manicly declaring "FREEDOOOMMMM" similar to that of a deranged preacher.

Strangely, I feel that way. It is somewhat liberating that you are not committed to contracts, which profoundly states why I haven't tied myself down by buying a fancy car. I am so young and I can't stay put. But when I am ready to settle on one location, soon, I'd love to get one of these:-

This is, oh, so cute. It was love at first sight when I saw this in Paris 10 years ago. It is so annoyingly girly, perfect for bad reverse parkers and a great European city car. I am wishful thinking that this might work in KL a little, but it is certainly not hazard proof from trucks that constantly flip over on our roads.

Secondly, I tendered my resignation a month ago and I can now enjoy a well deserved two month break. I will miss my favourite colleagues. They are the loveable bunch of attractive girls, whom I refer to as my "career sisters" and I appreciate their tolerance over my rubbish the past year or so.

Trust me, they are the ones who work your American programmes on TV. The great ones. Thank them. We worked hard, you know?

So nice to be on break. I can finally go ice skating with the kids tommorrow and show them whats left of my rusty limbs. I can drink coffee and read tabloids at Starbucks till kingdom come. I can conquer the empty pool on weekdays.

Thank You, F.A.B.U.L.O.S.I.T.Y


car@ said...

LYNNNNNN!!! qué tal guapa? I must say i love George Michael....but i even love more robbieeee lol!!

I hope you enjoy your so well deserve break!!! mua muaaaa!!

sicko said...


Kunstemæcker said...

No no, what you want is the new Fiat 500. It's omfg cool!!

sicko said...

agree with Kunstemæcker, the new Fiat 500 is the new IT car.

Yng Lyn said...

cara: todo es mas o menosss aqui .. y tu???? todo bien por trabajar? besitos!!! robbie = carinoooooooo!!!
voy a Italia esta semana!!! y tu telefon numero es mismo? puedo hablar contigo con skype!

sicko: queen of slack thats me. our beer has expired...

kracker & sicko: why the Fiat 500????? but my smartcar is smaller!!!

Kunstemæcker said...

Lyn, size doesn't matter; the facts that Smart is a commercial disaster and that the Fiat 500 was awarded car of the year 2008 are only two arguments.

The Fiat is sexy. I want one!