Monday, January 14, 2008

Vacas Part 2

Crooning on my STEREO: About You Now by SUGABABES

Listen. You know what I can't bloody hell stand?


Yes, its a girl thing that annoys the jackshit out of me.

It's kinda dumb to speak bollocks when you know absolutely nuts about the truth. It is also sucky when one accuses and defies another's goodwill as a selfish ploy. This is disgusting and has happened to me just ONCE, but I urge you lot to NEVER do this upon others.

BECAUSE IT BLOODY HELL HURTS. Then again if you are capable of accusing and assuming i am pretty much convinced that you don't have feelings anyway. And for this I want you to screw yourself and know what its like to be humiliated.

My mistake why I didn't whack your brains out.


Anonymous said...

LOL, surprised you wrote this cos you've always been nice to everyone.

Guess you should "hantam" those who take advantage of you.

KY said...

I will lend you a sledgehammer to hentam the brain out of the person. Lyn is always right!

Reuben said...

It's a sad day when people go out of their ways to make life miserable.

Especially when it's based on shoddy evidence. It's almost as if they enjoy the whole process grabbing any shred of info to twist it to suit their means.

Perhaps they derive some sort of satisfaction which they lack in their petty lives.

Don't get involved in the mud fight. Just let them be and wallow in the mud they created for themselves.

And bollocks is such an awesome word.

stephanie said...

u go girlfriend!!!! all these stupid people in the world who are so damn fucking self-obsessed and mentally retarded ought to be castrated, shot at, have their pulp stomped on, and fed to the dogs. i needed to vent my anger too ;)

Friend Stealer said...

Usually people like that have miserable lives and take joy in making others around them as or more miserable than them... a sad bunch if you ask me.

sicko said...

Happy New Year Lyn!!

(not too sure i understand the post but nevermind)

KY said...

kill eem allll

KY said...

yeah, KILL, KILL!