Monday, January 07, 2008

Speed Up Time

Crooning on my STEREO: L'ultima Risposta by SUBSONICA

Happy New Year Peeps
But I aint got time to write a long ass post, so let's keep this short and sweet in point form.

1. This 2008 opening entry is posted up courtesy of KY.

2. I am back from Japan and OMG it rocks.

WTF I grew a BUN face, blehhh.

3. This time next month, I am gonna get red packets.

4. I am cutting down on Black Label to stash on something pretty cool.

5. My life is improving by the day. Thank God!!!

Again, I can't say anything more. I wish I can but hell I can't.

That's it for now.



Huei said...


Yng Lyn said...

Huei!!!! its been ages!! happy new year to you too sweetie!!!! when are we gonna meet up again? hugs x

Kunstemæcker said...

omg have I got the whisky for you: try eagle rare 17 years. mmmmmm!

But I'm curious to know what you want instead of black label.

Yng Lyn said...

kracker: serious? you got some in your bar downstairs? haha
I prefer Chivas to Black Label

KY said...

yeay i was mentioned! I so happy! :P

cara said...

Pretty darling, happy new year!!!! sorry we kept missing each other on messgr, sniff JAPAN!!! oh my god i would love love to go there and visit puro land!! hehe yeah i am a freak! and i love hello kitty too! :-P

Muacks muacks and i do hope you get loads of red packets!!