Saturday, December 08, 2007


Crooning on my STEREO:
All I Want For Xmas by MARIAH CAREY

Gosh... I so HAVE to blog about this:-




And the lead dude, whatever his name, is SO SO SO HOT.

But I had to question why he wore a leather jacket. Its probably to maintain that mat rock look even in humid malaysia.


There is always a downside with all my star encounters. By some bitching of destiny, I NEVER have my camera with me.

5 months from now, you will not believe what you have read here today. You will forget because I have null to prove. Nada.

Most of you would know that I have a hell lot of luck with spotting celebs. But it totally sucks that I don't have any chummy photos with Ricky Martin, Jenson Button, Westlife, Colin Farrell, David Coulthard, Gael Garcia Bernal, Sam Neil, Stanley Tucci and only god knows of the countless others that I've missed out.

Lack of visual evidence doesn't position me to BRAG big time.

with the exception of IL DIVO. Hail Salvation!!


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Pikseen said...

i'm soooooo jealous of u! LOL..just kidding! :D

zewt said...

that means you're in malaysia right? how come u say spain ah?

KY said...

don't you have a camera phone like everyone else??

Yng Lyn said...

pikseen: uhmmmm... who's in France this week ;) ;)

zewt: always in Malaysia.. spain is just for fun!! :D

ky: my camera phone sucks, i gave it to the shopkeeper and they didn't know how to snap it.

btw, have a wicked party, sorry i couldn't make it.