Sunday, June 10, 2007

Moving On

Crooning on my STEREO:
Crazy All The Time by 33HZ

Dear concerned friends and curious enemies,


Only God knows how I have kept this crapology alive for so long.

It's like feeding a carrot to an elephant.

In conjunction with this celebration of stupid sorts, I am in the midst of contemplating some earth-shattering decisions. Please include me in your respective prayers and kindly alert your local bomoh as I will be in need of some blessings.

Fret not. The drinking will continue. The madness will continue.

And I will be packing my bags once again.

Yours, with courage.
Senorita Lyn xxxxx

"Se l'amore, nomade benedetto, e tuo ospite, tienilo caro."


cyber-red said...

going where muah

car@kitty said...

don't leaveeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! keep us informed! really busy with all Lyn...hope to speak to you soon babe. Meanwhile...i send you my love always babe!!!! :-*

Mirebella said...

oooh.. where are you heading off to next Lyn? G'luck! Dont forget to blog ya...XXX

Beer Brat said...

I got it. You are getting married, right?

Kaki Cucuk Langit said...

hey lyn,

i saw u crossing the raja chulan road today with other 3 babes.

i can't say hi (obviously) since i was in a car.

where are you leaving la?

Simple American said...

You coming this way yet Mui? Come on now! :)

Kunstemæcker said...


Rt Hon Sir Cipan Nougat-Tenuk said...

She's moving in with me ... no?

Cheh, bummer ...

Fret not - whatever you decide, it's already pre-destined.

sicko said...

have a good one gorgeous! if u need an old head around, u can call lily. hehehe

Yng Lyn said...

cyber, mirebella, kor kor: nope nope.... hugs :)

cara: necessito hablar contigo pronto :) besitos!!

beerbrat: .................

kaki cucuk langit: no kidding!! ahaah you should have waved from the car :) we were heading back to the office after lunch...

kracker: thanks hugsss

sir cipan: okay, can borrow yer bilik? no home to stay lah.... hahhaa

sicko: i will call you. *bwahahah*