Monday, February 07, 2005

Phantom of the Cinema

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Crooning on my STEREO: August Day Song by BEBEL GILBERTO

I am beginning to think that I'm morphing into a hideous ghoul and I have absolutely no frigging idea why I am thoughtfully blessed with this physical perfection.

- I keep getting audition calls to play phantoms, aliens and creatures in low budget horror films. Apparently, I look the part.

- I bumped into a couple of my neighbours in the course of 3 days. Their reaction? HORROR.
They gasp when they see me (not at my exceptional beauty but as though they've walked into a BANSHEE in broad daylight)

- Wonderful friend(s) of mine hasn't stopped harping on the fact that i look like a Soho prostitute with mascara on. I, on the other hand, believe that I look BLIND without mascara.
Hello??? GISELLE uses MASCARA TOO, y' know????

- Airheaded beauty consultants at the Harrods Clinique counter blatantly said to me,' Your skin needs A LOT of work.'
I suddenly refuse to buy my dream lip gloss from them. DOH.

- The worst bit: No Frank Lampard lookalikes pick me up in clubs anymore. I only get attention from Asianphillic old men.

Thats it. I've had enough from you people. I am going to book myself into a spa this weekend and sort my self esteem.

What the fuck.


Anonymous said...

Fix yer face!!
Happy Valentine's, don't lose that spirit!~

eyeris said...
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eyeris said...

About the auditions:

Asian + female + long hair = Sadako.

Go figure. :)

Yng Lyn said...

muahaha... thanks eyeris..... unfortunately i have mid length hair!!!
and certainly not pale enough to play Sadako.. i need to get rid of that fake tan.

Anonymous said...

hola amorcito;

I can't see your beautifull face behind that mask, although you do seem very mysterious and dark.
mysterious and beautifull

Yng Lyn said...

Gracias Cariño, you always have the most flattering comments :) abrazos!

idt said...

That's because all Frank Lampard lookalikes are gay.
And you are beautiful. Just lose the seal/bunny mask. THAT is horrifying. I swear that mask is scarier than cliche Japanese long-haired phantoms.

Yng Lyn said...

Wahh.. Danny you want ang pow, issit??

idt said...

Haiyoh! You saw through my plan. Maybe I should give you an ang pow. I actually did this to polish my chances of you helping me with my movie =)

No. Honestly and truthfully, you are beautiful.

Pip said...

I think the sequined bunny mask is hot.

Super hot.

'Course, I'd never actually publically admit that by clicking on "publish."

Pip said...


Yng Lyn said...

cheers Pip! I was just complaning about the lack of flattering comments. I've not heard 'hot' for quite a while...
You made my day!

Simple American said...

I like the mask. Its cute. Did not realize it was you wearing it though.

Just a blind fucking asianeophillic man. Fortunately I got my Gwailohphillic wife to satisfy my lust. Ooh! Call Websters. I think I invented a new word. Life is good.

Oh I used the word cute didn't. This does not mean you are fat, ugly or anything less than desireable. I'm still working on a time machine.

Its not looking good though.

Anonymous said...

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