Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Crooning on my STEREO: Matinee by FRANZ FERDINAND

I tuned into TMF this morning and stupidity is what I got.

1) Eric Prydz's club trash CALL ON ME hit the no.1 spot on the UK Summer Charts.
Come on! Go spend 3 quid on a retarded single that goes on and on and on: 'CALL ON ME... CALL ON ME... CALL ON ME... CALL ON ME... CALL ON ME... CALL ON ME...'
Bloody phenomenal songwriting skills.

It's been three years and they are STILL around. They even have a fansite.

3)Influx of RnB
Not that I despise RnB, but there are just too many around. So many that you cant figure out who's who, or what is what... all their videos share the same components; skimpy women, club scenes, fat pimps and cheap Bling.

Firstly, that CARWASH song is such a shit deafening remake; so much of shouting and screaming.
Secondly, Missy Elliot gets paid for sitting around in the studio (in her sweatpants) fidgeting with switches..pretending to look knowledgable with the equalisers.
What the hell did she rap??

5)DAVID HASSELHOLF (That Baywatch lifeguard..however you spell his name)
WHAT?????Did he SING????

I know a handful of you worship him as the god of sincerity, depth, honesty and blah blah. But his videos are just not funny anymore. Its lame to dress up as michael jackson and matadors.

Okay, I 've had too much of stupidity drummed into my puny brain. Time to turn off the telly and worry about the Arsenal match tonight.


Anonymous said...

I love Blazin' Squad. I want to molest them, especially the boy on the left.


P.S. My Spanish it better than yours.

Anonymous said...

hola amorcito

1)I completelly agree.Popular music is going through a downward spiral in lyrics. What happened to artist or writers who wrote to the human soul: cesar vallejo, pablo neruda, lord byron, christina rossetti.

3) yeah, what happened to originallity, and do you know who really benefits from those videos, not us; music video watchers.
skimpy women, club scenes, fat pimps and cheap Bling.

6)EMINEM the god of sincerity, he is as sincere as
As the people that were found guilty of match-fixing, in Germany, which include four referees and 14 players, suspected of rigging at least 10 games at the behest of a Croatian betting syndicate.

Yng Lyn said...

John! I thought you fancied Goldie Lookin' Chains, too!!!!!

Hola Amorcito, true, what happened to good songs????
lyrics to songs now are really bad...they are cheesy!! But i still like David Bisbal though.....*blush*

eyeris said...

Hi Lyn,

hmmm... what a coincidence. My post on Thursday was also on radio stations. :)

BTW, since you're such a ManU-hater, I figured you might like this post I have on my sports Blog:


Yng Lyn said...

Eyeris: phwoarrr *applause*
Great minds think alike: WE BOTH HATE VAN NISTEROOY!!!!!!!!!!!

Simple American said...

Can you belive that some kid tried out for American Idol singing a David Hasselholf tune? Did not make it. He belonged at Gencon with me and the other nerds.