Wednesday, November 24, 2004

New Discoveries.

Crooning on my STEREO: Sobri by LESLIE

1) After an intense session in the pub, the entire course professed their true far, I am the youngest student in my MA!! But certainly not the brightest.

2) I have been told that the passport photo I usually use for my CV puts employment agencies off.

3) I caught up with a really cool long lost high school friend. This was what he recalled,,,
"...I still remember you as the cute Year 10 girl with the short skirt, coloured shoes and long-sleeved, black cotton sweater. It seemed to be YOUR uniform."
Shit, was this true? Pls. confirm.

4) I am probably the only postgraduate who bothered to vote in Junior Eurovision.

5) I saw a Guns N Roses tribute show on telly just now. Shit, I still miss Axl Rose's lycra tights.

6) Okay, I bought two seasons of Footballer's Wives. I CONFESS!

7) Another confession, I bought Britney's My Perrogative album. Don't rub it in!!!!

8) I have developed an unconcious habit of dancing in the Tube, courtesy of my Mp3 player.

9) I am no longer good in Daytona. I lost to a 'Landan' in Trocadero last weekend!! "INNIT"

10) Seeing Reyes remove his shirt on national television still makes my heart skip a beat.
I really don't know why!!!