Friday, August 20, 2004


Hey all, really sorry cos I haven't been blogging lately...blame it on distractions and little adversities. But I will cope. And will try to keep my humour. Not that I've ever been comical at the start anyway.

Oh, I looked through my GCSE sketchbooks and I can't figure why I ended up with a 'C' for Art. There was an unemployed expat-turned-teacher in the name of Miss Jenny Marsh (unmarried for the most obvious reasons) whose visual inability led her to believe that I was possessed by Francisco Goya at some point. Therefore, she accused me of cheating. For an untrained teacher who couldn't tell the stylistic differences between a Renoir and a Monet, such accusations were phenomenal..... how did I manage to summon a Spanish Master on the eve of my GCSE Art Exam? I must have been a sharman when I was 17.
My art portfolio was refused to be externally marked as the result of her uneducated claims of witchcraft.

Conclusion: Do not send your children to Garden International School. Most teachers are the worst breed of unemployed university dropouts. Mr Robinson, Mr Shorthose, Miss Marsh and most were too unmemorable to name.


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