Monday, December 11, 2006

Of X'mas and other things.

Crooning on my STEREO:
Falling In Love by LISA LOEB

Yesterday I had a pointless conversation with a friend from my home country:

Bimbo: My boyfriend is buying me the Sony Ericsson MP3 phone for X mas!!! I am so lucky!!

Me: Wow, you lucky tart.
Me thinks: okay.. if a piece of hardware makes you happy...

Bimbo: What is your boy getting you?

Me: Dunno. But he's cooking his mum's recipe for me! So it's all nice!
Me thinks: I'm the luckiest girl in the world!

Bimbo: And... ?

Me: We'll do the usual. Am spending lots of quality time with him before he goes home to Salerno for Christmas. And I am leaving for Spain on Xmas eve.
Me thinks: I will be heartbroken. I will probably not see him for a long time after that.

Bimbo: I see...... He's not following you back to Malaysia?

Me: It's alright cos he's very broke. You know, the poor dear is still a student and this is his final year. I need him to concentrate on his books and not tail me around.
Me thinks: Trust me, I know.

Bimbo: Your friend X told me you bought him a Sisley shirt from Florence!!!

Me: Yeah, he looks so hot in it I could die!!! I was so relieved I got the right size...
Me thinks: Swooooooooooooon

BImbo: And he didn't get you anything?

Me: Why should he? I just gave it to him today!
Me thinks: Brace yourself, Lyn. Bimbo is embarking on an inquisition.

Bimbo: No, no.. your friend X and I were talking about you the other day. We'd thought that you'd date some Tan Sri's son or some sort of upper middle class family friend.....

Me: Why do you say that? I was never in love with any of those spoilt brats to begin with. In fact, the ones I know are imbeciles who only have eyes for anorexic gold-diggers.
Me thinks: Jeez, those stupid rich kids who drive their father's cars.

Bimbo: I know, but a girl should always date a man who can pamper or keep up with her lifestyle. it's a sense of social security....

Me: You are beginning to sound provincial.
Me thinks: I think you are dumb. As usual.

Bimbo: No offence... but some people will bitch about you when you go home.

Me: Really? Bitch about how happy I am?
Me thinks: Nothing new. The price of fame.

Bimbo: You know, about you dating a poor Italian student for a short period and stuffs...

Me: Well, I am a student too and I've been poor eversince I left my job. I'm in my first steady relationship with a man who treats me with love and respect. He may be a pauper but I don't need him to buy me a Fendi bag to make me the happiest girl in the world.
Me thinks: I feel the urgency to hold an exclusive press conference on my lovelife.

Bimbo: But handbags are your true love!

Me: I said that when I WAS single. It's all different now, honey. And if I am dying for bags, I can surely afford them myself.
Me thinks: I am soooooo looking forward to cope with this type of material-cow mentality when I return to Malaysia. I certainly cant live without these morons.

In 11 days, I will leave Perugia's simple life. Just as I'm falling in love with it.


In case you were wondering where I've disappeared to last weekend,


It was more crooked than I thought. Oh, I also visited Perugia's rival town:

This is for you, JENN. I forced her to skip Siena for Perugia.

Blame the bad photography on my makeshift aka. broken camera. I need a new one.

*hint hint*


car@ said...

OH MGOD lyn!!! POOR GIRL...she does not know what life and love is all about. She will never know with that attitude....and love has nothing to do with status social life or poor and rich....and you are livin' it babes!!!! and i am sooo happy!!!! :-*

Syat said...

I'm so happy that you stood up to her royal bimbotic highness. I think that is the problem with Malaysians. Too materialistic. For what exactly? I dunno.

And we call ourselves alim. What a joke!

Miss you!! Can't wait til u're back, and unfortunately, I can only be able to afford a picture of a new camera for you! ;)

jenn said...

haha... thanks for the picture darling. florence made up for me missing out on siena, and cutie charlie and the amazing david!
im happy for your new-found ecstasy and screw all those materialistic bitches who will never enjoy life and depend on a piece of poor dead animal's skin or a plastic card to make them smile. im on your side, lady!!
and i cant even afford a picture of a camera for you.. i have to get myself a new camera too! MISS YOU! HAVE A FANTASTIC TIME!! enjoy ur man and we'll have our own fun when u return.. after ur done with my shoulder :(
ps: if he ever comes to malaysia, ask him to bring some hot straight male friends along. thats an order!!

Anonymous said...

There's a cool way to name bimbos. For example, if Mary is a bimbo, then we name her Mimbo. If Zizi is a bimbo, we name her Zimbo. If Julia is a bimbo, we name her Jimbo. You get my drift right?

Anonymous said...

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syat said...

I second Jenn's suggestion!

Think of your poor single friends back home!

sicko said...

call me. i dont drive my father's car! lol!

that friend is so sesat.

anttyk said...

Hmm... There will always be people who believe material goods will bring them happiness. Maybe, it's their way of escaping.

Rt Hon Sir Cipan Nougat-Tenuk said...

Way to go, girl!

Brings tears to the eyes of people who are broke like me ... :D

stephanie said...

Yessssssss...malaysia is in DIRE need of straight hot men who are committed to a certain, acceptable extent LOL

sighs wat a sad sad world these ppl live in...

AND COME BACK SOON! Im sure we can find some sorta economical way to smuggle ur man into KL? ;D

lilyliverbird said...

My office bicycle spreads it about for everyone who as much as breathe near her. Said she'll only stop once she meets a rich man. I was like, 'do you have a mirror?'

Syat said...

Hun, don't bother buying fakes in Roma... I'll bring u to my AAA fake distributors here when u get back kayyyy!

2 more weeks!! =)

Pikseen said...

well, was bored and was reading your entry! u rooccckk!! to hell with those bimbos (trust me, ive seeen plenty of those in law school in adel.)! anyway have fun with your bf and thats a really awesome pic of u and the tower!!

Simple American said...

So glad you found love. Woo hoo!

Somebody is doing just fine. Catch ya later mui.

car@ said...

Lyn!!!! una settimana babes!!!! :-D enjoy rome!!! love uuuuuuuu

oceanskies79 said...

I am envious.

oceanskies79 said...

Anyway, have a good festive season.

mistipurple said...

love is in the air!

stephanie said...

where has that slut gone! :p cant wait to seeee you sooon babes! xoxo