Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I am back at 30!!!!

Crooning on my STEREO: Run by Amy McDonald
Knock knock, are you there?

You know what is really insane? It is because after two years of absence I am now reattempting to revive this blog. I was tempted to wipe off this old one and start anew, but after much deliberation (and mulling over old posts) this anthology (!!!) would be too precious to chuck away. Even when I am thirty!

And of course, I cannot remain anonymous - which means all my work clients, newfound friends, relatives, prospective business partners may stumble upon this cyber diary and have a great laugh.
They will read all about my insecure and hormonal complaints over stupid boys, mayonaise and expired socialist ideals. I hate to think that someone may have already printed a whole issue to shock me into embarassment on Christmas day!

 The core update: I have just turned 30, moved back to Munich, tied to wonderful job (still in TV), newly single, shed 6kg of puppy fat and deeply alcoholic. In a nutshell, it does not come across that I have progressed much since Amsterdam (apart from the single factor).

Speaking of being alone, I do have a cat named Tigger who was rescued from the streets of Singapore but she has a Swiss Passport. Ok, I am jumping over some fact but it feels darn good vomiting some random updates. This is the same feeling as meeting up with a childhood friend you have not seen in ages and babbling news in a non-chronological order. Blah blah blah they call it.

Off for my manicure now, and lots to fill you in later :)

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Jenn CJ said...

welcome back Lyn!!!! love to read your blogs as always...