Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Morning

Crooning on my STEREO:

This is indeed an unusual Sunday morning for me. I am awake at 10a.m, still in my PJs and dragon breath. No hangover. No miserly hole in my pocket. I sprained my back.

Or rather, I didn't quite go out the night before. I only had ONE drink at a friend's place where I mourned about how 75% of my friends are plastic fishes and how they should all be kept in an aquarium. This is a very depressing metaphor; a truth which I somehow always knew, but I never had the guts to press 'delete' on my social keyboard. You can have 500 friends on Facebook but only 5 would even care to know where your house is.

Consequently I dreamt of Giorgio Armani who urged me to buy a pair of sandals off him. His words of advice were, "start kicking pests out of your life." My thoughts were, " I will kick YOU for burning a hole in my wallet."

Just like any underpaid employee, I have financial issues. Eventhough I am so assured that 2008 is going to be a turnaround year, I still have 4 more months to plod through 2007. So its a matter of killing time and earning interest in my bank account.

Financial and social issues are the least of my concerns. The love issue is pivotal, and my life is more or less gauged by its strength. I watched Un Viaggio Chiamato Amore and I saw my personal fears rolled out before me.

Yeah, I worry.

I relate to Dino Campana's manic disillusion of love. And I also acquaint my great grief in Sibilla Aleramo's unrequited passion. The freaky bit is that the two characters constitute me, but perhaps, not my lover.

In any case that you are wondering, they are both great poets. In love.

I am trying to get hold of a copy of Orphic Songs, which will give us a breathtaking translation of Dino's poem below:-

In un momento
Sono sfiorite le rose
I petali caduti
Perché io non potevo dimenticare le rose
Le cercavamo insieme
Abbiamo trovato delle rose
Erano le sue rose erano le mie rose
Questo viaggio chiamavamo amore
Col nostro sangue e colle nostre lagrime facevamo le rose
Che brillavano un momento al sole del mattino
Le abbiamo sfiorite sotto il sole tra i rovi
Le rose che non erano le nostre rose
Le mie rose le sue rose

P.S. E così dimenticammo le rose.

Grief turns one into insanity. Madness turns one into a genius. I can only cry at the sight of these eternal words. And how it aptly describes my current crossroads; I really cannot handle love.

And I am sure that this is the same for many of us.

Okay, on a lighter note. Just when I thought that my acting career was on the decline, I found this pirate DVD.

Sorry about the boobies. Its an art film, y'see?

You may remember that I worked as a film extra in London 3 years back. (Oh, how i miss those days of lunching in trailers with other fascinating stars-to-be. During this shoot, I even fancied the casting assistant...)

Back to my self-indulgent point, the kind director DID NOT remove my cameo, so try and spot me !!! (eventhough i resemble a downtrodden Chinese immigrant. Don't worry, I am not naked.)

Oh, this feature is going on the big screens in Europe, Singapore and other liberal Asian countries.

And hey, this is not porn.


Pikseen said...

i seriously think u lead such an interesting life! an extra in a movie esp in an art-house-ish sorta movie! :)

Kunstemæcker said...

That's great! You're in Cashback! Wow.

eyeris said...

hey, at least Arsenal won... barely. hahaha

Rt Hon Sir Cipan Nougat-Tenuk said...

Not porn? Tsk ... so are u planning to produce one in 2008 or wot?

*still wondering about your dog*


Hleb actually scored, eh?!!!

Simple American said...

You should never have apologise for boobs. That don't sound quite right. Oh well.

Cool that you found your movie even if it is courtesy of Uncle Ho.

I love the quotes about madnes and insanity. I can only hope it is true for my own sake.

Anonymous said...

We all have plastic whores in our lives hun. U just gotta get em to fuck off and focus on more worthwhile issues- your family, boyfriend, and our friggin dinner!!!! WHEN????? :p
You're still one helluva fascinating creature to me anywayz!

Love u!! Mwahzzz!!


car@kitty said...

Lyn!!! HEY!!! CONGRATS!!! :-)

sorry i did not have time the other day babe.
Plenty of besos!!! :-)

Yng Lyn said...

pikseen: hi dear, my life is beginning to be monotonous now that I am working. lol! Remember to embrace student life, dearie :) Is Seb really getting married?

Kracker: Issit out in Belgium? Just a supporting role though, no script and only 3 seconds!

When are you returning to ASIA???

eyeris: we still won, what....
still on this week?

sir cipan: you wanna star in my porn stuff? lol. I am beginning to think that you fancy my anjing. lol. I am pro-rosicky now.

meera: OMG tell me about it.... I need more real people like you around. Next thursday you free? My issues are in a mess though, but then again, I am always in a mess.

kor: no no... those quotes are destructive. I am serious. You really don't want them to be real because itd kill.... sigh.

cara: no problema carina :) hableremos pronto en Skype!!!! *besitos besitos* queiro a volver a Espana muchissimoooo :) !!!

car@kitty said...

Babe, you know you are SO WELCOME ANYTIME!!! here you have a home!!! and good food too!!! :-*

I'll try to spot on when is out in Spain.

MUACKS!!!! te quiero!!! :-*

cyber-red said...

woahhhh neat =)

Kunstemæcker said...

@Yng Lyn: it's not out in Belgium but I've seen excerpts online. Well I'll find it sooner or later.
As to visiting Asia again. I have no idea really although I would love to get on a plane right about now. :-)

Pikseen said...

lyn: thanks for the advice! i'll definitely embrace my remaining student life! hehe..hope work hasn't gotten to you yet and yes, i think seb is really getting married..not sure when though! regardless of your monotoneous life, i still think your life is rather fun and interesting compared to many others out there!

Rt Hon Sir Cipan Nougat-Tenuk said...

Heh! Since u said your dog is gay, I better keep my distance, eh?

Am still virgin, mah ... lol

sicko said...

so busy working eh? must get the movie so i can tell ppl i know one of the actresses.