Sunday, June 25, 2006

Return In Peace

Crooning on my STEREO:
We Be Burnin' by SEAN PAUL

It is funny how my illness has kept me away from the gym for 2 weeks, robbed 10 shades off my tan and turned me into a reluctant omnivore. Not to mention the sudden withdrawal of daily alcohol from my system has transformed me into some sort of nervous wreck in a desperate need for rehabilitation. In this course of recovery, the lack of protein adds to my lethargy, and this means that I've been sleeping through 30% of the World Cup matches played so far. I even drove my car into a ditch.


In the midst of all that sick slumber, I noticed a pretty cool headgear:

Want one for yourself?


You can get a similar net from your local fruit store.
Place it over your head.
One size fits all.


eyeris said...

you'd need to whack your head really hard against Philip Senderos' nose first though... :D

Kunstemæcker said...

At least you're sober and healthy again ;)

cyber-red said...

SICK with a dose of sarcasm - one medicine that should be taken with doc's warning muahahah


yvy said...

haha...ur spunk is back despite the lack of alchohol!

email me woman, maybe i can fit in something on saturday. :)


Simple American said...

Damn girl!!! Take care of yourself. Jeez.

Gald it was a ditch and not a truck. Fucking frightening.

Keropok said...

That must have been some ditch. We're you on the way to buy fruits?

sic6sense said...

normally, you get it from 7-11. and one size doesnt fit all. :D

mistipurple said...

good good you're getting all normal again. that's good eh? *grins*

Yng Lyn said...

eyeris: true true.. only Sendero's nose is able to crack heads...

Kracker: thankss :)

cyber-red: nahhh.. still need antibios to survive in this funny world!

yvy: gotta see you lah.... this sat!

kor: I will! i am crap with anything to do with reverse gear..

keropok: hahah.. oh yeahhh on the way to da pasar buah....

sic6sense: the ribbed ones?

misti: thanks dearie! almost there :D

Jane said...

Oh I had one myself...yes from fruit basket! imported stuff from China too!!

Simple American said...

You were going in reverse. I'm less worried then.